Commercial Construction

In addition to heavy civil construction, CCCC specializes in numerous commercial construction projects. From modest hotel expansions, to multi million dollar commercial buildings, CCCC has the right team to deliver your Project.

Core Regional Water Systems

CCCC is responsible for the Planning, Design, and Construction of the Core System of the Rocky Boy’s/North Central Montana Regional Water System Project, as authorized by Congress (P.L. 107-331).

At full build out, the Core System of the Rocky Boy’s/NCMRWS Project will provide 34.5 million gallons per day of drinking water to Tribal and Non-Tribal Water Systems throughout North Central Montana. The Core System is comprised into four major components:

  • Raw Water Intake Structure & Pipelines
  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  • Transmission Pipeline from the WTP to Non-Tribal Community Turnouts & On-Reservation Connection Point
  • On-Reservation Distribution System

Most of the major aspects of the Core System are self-performed by CCCC, utilizing Tribal construction labor and talent.

Special Projects

CCCC and its partners have a wealth of technical talent and skills to accomplish unique Projects. From heavy civil and commercial Projects, to specialty construction, CCCC is ready to get the Project done, on time and on budget.

Skilled Staff

CCCC Staff have been working in the heavy civil and commercial construction areas for most of their careers. Everyone including Project Managers and Carpenters share the same goal, to get things done.